Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Craftvent 2017 - Days 18 & 19

The Day 18 drawer revealed some hot chocolate and some soak.  I love hot chocolate and keep a tin of Godiva hot chocolate powder in the fridge.  I add Godiva Chocolate Liquor to mine.  I was a little disappointed to see that the Ghiradelli hot chocolate has artificial flavor.  In fact, when I read the entire list of ingredients I was a bit put off.  I think I'll stick with my Godiva hot chocolate powder.
The Day 19 drawer revealed skein 7 - Anzula Nebula in Charcoal.  I will confess that I opened up the rest of the drawers on Sunday and finished up the shawl last night.  Here it is through Section 8.
The pattern is okay, but I'm a little disappointed in the yarn colors.  I can see doing the pattern again in other yarn.

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