Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Arctic Flow - Finished!

Yesterday afternoon I picked this project back up after finishing up the mindless computer work that occupied me for most of the day.  I had begun to create group pages for all of The Unique Sheep Mystery Knit Alongs, and moving all the threads from the old groups to our main group.  I started that effort over a year ago and I finally finished it up yesterday in a massive push.  Once I got into the rhythm of it things went pretty quickly and it was just the right level of mindless for me yesterday.  Skein 5 of the Arctic Flow gradiance went quickly, all those stitches gobble up the yarn, and before I knew it I was working on skein 6.  My yarn usage estimate was pretty much spot on.  I had enough of the gradiance set to finish the lace pattern, but I had to use the contrast for the final rest row.
The I-cord bind off took me two hours.
I am really pleased with how this came out.  The Raspberry Blaze Capelet that I made had a circumference that was too big for the diameter, so it ruffled and I couldn't really block it the way lace should be blocked.  I love the way that one came out, but with the Aran weight yarn of this one I knew it really needed a good blocking to make it lay properly, and lo and behold, this one came out perfect.

Pattern:  Ocean Blue Collar by Eline Oftedal, modified to be a capelet
Yarn:  The Unique Sheep Super Wool Aran in Arctic Flow and Cinder
Needle:  US 9 (5.5 mm)

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