Beadwork Gallery

Arabesque, design by Sonoko Nozue from Japanese Beadwork

Winged Isis, design by Carolyn Jean

Avatar - Design by Carolyn Jean

Design by Carolyn Jean

Lavender Roses - Design by Carolyn Jean

 Celtic Infinity - Design by Carolyn Jean

Out For a Spin by Carol Perrenoud, kit available from Beadcats

Edelweiss Necklace by Melinda Barta, Beadwork Magazine October/November 2009

 Sleek in Silver by Hatsumi Oshitani

Pearl Embrace by Lisa Kan

Royal Chains Lariat by Kelly Wiese, Beadwork Magazine October/November 2009


  1. Is that peridot in the lariat at the bottom? If so, I have to have it. How can I acquire it?

    1. No - not peridot. I used:
      3 mm Emerald gemstone spherical beads
      3 mm Garnet gemstone spherical beads
      Faceted tube and rondelle Citrine gemstones
      Bicone Citrine gemstones