Saturday, December 2, 2017

Craftvent 2017 - Day 2

The Day 2 drawer of the Jimmy Beans Craftvent 2017 Calendar revealed a set of Knitter's Pride interchangeable needles with a 40" cable.  I've never used these needles before, and typically don't use wooden needles (I like my Addi Turbos), but I'm going to give this a try with this project, in the spirit of the Advent-ure.  Tomorrow I should have yarn so I can actually start knitting.  The pattern came as a printout, which spoils the surprise a little.  Last year they revealed the pattern as part of the Advent calendar.  They also provided it electronically, which I prefer.  I spent some time this morning creating a spreadsheet with the instructions and the stitch count for the color 1 sections so I can pull it into knitCompanion.

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