Saturday, December 3, 2016

Tudor Roses - Margaret Beaufort - Finished!

I finished up the knitting on this past Monday, wove in the ends and blocked.  I finished up the sleeves last weekend, and worked the collar and bands on Monday.  I had to adjust the number of stitches I picked up because of the modifications that I had made to the pattern, but the adjustments were straight forward.  I only picked up 40 stitches, instead of the 46 called for, and when I started working the stitch motif I had to increase 3 stitches, instead of only 2, to get a stitch count that would work with the pattern repeat.  I put the extra increase opposite the shoulder seam.

For the bands I picked up 2 stitches for every 3 rows, which seems to be a good rule of thumb for getting a band that doesn't pucker or wrinkle.  I ended up with 28 stitches on the peplum (the pattern called for 25) and 79 stitches from the peplum to the collar band.  I had to adjust the spacing button holes (reduced the spacing by 1 stitch), and I ended up with only 7 buttons instead of the 8 the pattern called for.
Here's a close up of the buttons - they are metal buttons.
I purchased them from MJ Trimming.  They have a pretty nice selection of metal buttons.

Pattern:  Margaret Beaufort, by Alice Starmore from Tudor Roses (2013 edition)
Yarn:  Alice Starmore Hebridean 3 Ply (517 g in Lapwing)
Needles:  US 4 (3.5 mm)

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