Saturday, December 17, 2016

Craftvent 2016 - Day 17

The drawer contained Color 10 today, so I was able to finish up Section 1/Clue 2 and move on to Section 2/Clue 3.  I did add an extra repeat of Section 1/Clue 2 using colors 9 and 10.

I then carried 9 up the side while I worked the first repeat of Section 2/Clue 3 so I wouldn't have to weave that end in.  I worked the 4 rows in Color 10 and cut that yarn and then worked them in Color 9.  I used up all of Color 9 and Color 8, which wasn't really hard.  When I got to Color 7 I realized that I would be able to work several extra rows in order to use up all of the yarn.  At first I thought about just working extra garter stitch rows after the eyelet row, but after some experimentation I decided that it looked better if I centered the eyelet row in the extra rows.  In order to do that I weighed the remains of the yarn at the beginning and end of a row to determine how many rows I could work.  I figure the yarn usage per row is not going to change very much over the relatively few number of rows that I'll be working in any one color.  I then tried to put the eyelet row in the middle.  Here I've worked through Color 6 - well almost.  I have a little bit more of Color 6 to go, but you get the idea.

Pattern:  2016 Craftvent Shawl by Rachel Roden of Unraveled Designs and Yarn
Color 1 - MJ Yarns Sophistisock in Cerulean Twilight
Color 2 - Baah La Jolla in Maldives
Color 3 - Lorna’s Laces Solemate in Pewter
Color 4 - Sweet Georgia Touch Love Sock in Ultraviolet
Color 5 - Zen Yarn Garden Serenity 20 in Jakey
Color 6 - Koigu KPM in 2405
Color 7 - Anzula Squishy in Aqua
Color 8 - madelinetosh BFL Sock in Fathom
Color 9 - Swans Island Fingering - Ikat Collection in Firefly Stonewall
Color 10 - Mrs. Crosby Satchel in Sunset Regatta
Needle:  US 3 (3.25 mm)

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