Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fresh Ink Cardigan - Let's Try That Again

So I was knitting and purling away on this the other evening and remembered how much I hate working ribbing.  I don't mind knitting and I don't mind purling, it is the constant switching back and forth that gets me.  To complicate matters further, the dark yarn made it harder to see the stitches.  After messing up for the third time in as many rows I took the hint and frogged.  I went back to my Sweater Wizard pattern and got rid of the ribbing.  Then I cast back on and did 6 rows of garter stitch.  The yarn is lovely to knit with, and the color is so deep.  You can get a hint of the subtle variation in the color from the picture.  I love semi-solid colors with subtle variegation.  I think they add depth and texture to the knitting.

In other project news, I've finished the leg of my second Hibernia sock and will be working on the heel tonight.  I should be able to finish it before the weekend, which is a good thing.  I received my shipping notice from Janel Laidman today, and Camp Loop starts on Sunday.

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