Sunday, May 13, 2012

Fickle-Zen Mystery Shawl #2 - Clues 1 & 2

This is the second offering in the Fickle-Zen Mystery KAL collaboration.  Roxanne of Zen Yarn Garden does the dyeing and Michelle Miller, aka the Fickle-Knitter does the designing.  The yarn is new to Zen Yarn Garden, it is Serenity Single Lace, a single ply 75/15/10 merino/cashmere/silk yarn.  Very soft, and a little squiggly.  The pattern was a bit of a challenge because of the way the pattern charts are done.  They are all one chart, rather than a chart for the right wing and a chart for the left wing, so all of the increases show up on the outside edges, instead of symmetrically, which makes reading your lace and correlating it to the chart pretty much impossible, at least for me.  After a couple of repeats I did see the pattern in the knitting, so I could tell that it was correct, but I still found myself repeating the stitch pattern like a mantra as I knit each row.

The color is Jamba and it is a wonderful rich purple-red.  I started out with Spirulina, which is a teal blue, but I just wasn't feeling the love, so I frogged what I had knit and started over.  I may go back and knit a second one in the Spirulina later, it is a lovely color, and I like the lace pattern.  It is not a very prominent pattern, it is just this wonderful sinuous meandering like waves or dunes.

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