Sunday, May 20, 2012

Calla Lily Pullover - Redux - Finished!

We had to go down to Blacksburg, Virginia this weekend.  Our son was moving into a new apartment with his fiancee and we went down to help.  Our daughter and her boyfriend also came down from Charlottesville.  In the end, we couldn't move the bed as we had planned because it wouldn't fit in my Element (I could have told them that), but I think the real reason we went down was to spend some time with the kids.  Our son is heading off to New Mexico for a summer job, and we wanted to celebrate his engagement before he left for the summer.  It is a four hour drive, which really makes it too long to go down and back in a day, although we have done it.  Bruce did all of the driving, and I knit.  I knit one sleeve on the way down, and one sleeve on the way back.  This came out a lot better knitting it at a tighter gauge.  There is almost no pooling at all, just some striping.  There isn't even any pooling in the sleeves, which is unusual. Here is a picture of the original for comparison.  Quite a difference!

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