Saturday, March 9, 2013

Royal Romance - Both Blocks Done!

I finished up the second block this morning.  I would have finished it up last night, but was too tired.  I am almost completely caught up with this club.  I have to make the second block in the last Sushi Socks set, and then do the March 2013 set that came this past week.  I must confess that as much as I have enjoyed these projects I am looking forward to working on something different, getting back to some knitting.  I have two shawls that have been languishing, and several other projects waiting in the wings, plus all my unfinished objects to deal with.  These blocks have been a nice break, though, because once I laid out the path I didn't have to think about what to do next.  They also work up quickly so you can see your steady progress.  Finishing a project is always a boost.

When I first joined the club I wasn't smart enough to write the yarn colors and the month on the patterns, so when I decided to organize the blocks I had to do some sleuthing to get them all straightened out.  I sorted them by yarn type, wrote the colors and months on the patterns, and put them in zip lock bags.  Once I had gotten them organized it was easy to maintain it when the next shipment arrived.  When I started working them up I just grabbed a bag and worked through all the sets in that bag, chronologically, of course.  Except for this one, which I had mislabeled July 2012 instead of July 2011.  I figured it out when I went to file the pattern away.  Did I mention that I am an engineer?

Here is a solo shot of the second block.  A really lovely design.

Pattern:  Royal Romance by Melinda Miller, July 2011 Unique Sheep Crochet Block
Yarn:  Sushi Socks in Kate and Irish Lace
Hook:  2.75 mm

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