Monday, March 11, 2013

Intervals - Both Blocks Done!

And here they are!  The last of the 2012 blocks.  Now all I have to do is finish the March 2013 block and I will be all caught up, with at least one club, anyway!  These are the September 2012 Unique Sheep Crochet Block of the Month, Intervals, by Donna Kay Lacey.  The yarn is Sushi Socks in Prana and Gia.  I gotta say, it feels good to be done.  Of course, I still need to assemble the blocks into throws, and then there is all that left over yarn that I have to do something with.  Originally I was making small blocks out of my left overs, but now I am thinking that I will repeat some of the club patterns and just mix and match the colors.  There is always something more to be done, isn't there?  I guess if we finished everything there wouldn't be any reason to get up in the morning.

Pattern:  Intervals by Donna Kay Lacey, September 2012 Unique Sheep Crochet Block
Yarn:  Sushi Socks in Prana and Gia
Hook:  2.75 mm

Here is the obligatory solo shot of the second block.
And a picture of the three sets of Sushi Socks blocks all together.

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