Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Transitions Shawl - Finished!

Finished this morning.  I almost finished last night, but started to fall asleep while I was knitting.  It was hard to put down though with only 3 repeats of the border left so when I woke up a little early this morning I decided to finish it before going to work.  It always amazes me when I am working the knitted on borders because the first half seems to take so long, but the second half seems to go so fast.  I know this is all perception and the fact that the amount that you have knitted is greater then the amount that you have left to knit once you get past the half way point.  Those last 3 repeats took me an hour.  The other thing that amuses me about knit on borders is the designers who tout them as a way of avoiding binding off hundreds of stitches.  I don't mind the bind off.  I do a lace bind off with a crochet hook rather than a knitting needle, which makes it go a lot faster and is a lot less fiddly, and it certainly takes a lot less time to do the bind off than to do a knit on border.  I do like the look of knit on borders, however, so from a design perspective, they are a definite win.

Pattern:  Transitions Shawl by Ruth Greenwald
Yarn:  PennyRose Yarns Carrie in Cucumber and Cantaloupe
Needle:  US 3 (3.25 mm)


  1. Needless to say, I love NEBs. They are my favorite part of shawls, in case you can't tell. Lovely, lovely!

    1. Thanks :-). I love NEBs too, they open up so many design possibilities.