Saturday, December 8, 2012

Amethyst and Gold - Half a necklace

I wanted to do something dangly under the chevron chain and I happened to have all of these amethyst drops in my gemstone stash so I started fiddling with them this past week.  As I played with different lengths and attachment points I noticed that the drops would not lay flat so I decided to just go with it.  I increased the number of beads on the loops and voila, they naturally twisted and now the fact that the drops won't lay flat is part of the design.  You really just have to go with the materials.  Now I just have to finish the other side, attach the clasp, and come up with a good name for the piece.

Amethyst gemstone (12.44 carat) purchased from Unfinished Creations in Yellow Springs, OH
Amethyst drops purchased from Soft Flex
Gold seed beads (size 14 - no idea of the stock #)
Purple seed beads (size 11 and size 14 - Beadcats stock # 2-11-748-90 and 2-14-749-90 clear lined with cool purple)
Purple delicas (size 11 - Toho Aiko TB-328)
Gold and Purple thread (KO)

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