Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Beads on Display

I received the clasps that I ordered from A Grain of Sand today so I was able to finish my Winged Isis (renamed from Isis II) necklace.  I wanted to get a shot of me wearing it to show how it fits, so I took this one in the downstairs bathroom.  I turned the camera to face me and looked at the reflection of the image on the back of the camera in the mirror.  It took a little getting used to, but I did manage to get a decent shot of the necklace.  Then I decided to break out the portable light box that I ordered a little bit ago and try it out.


Victorian Parfait

Winged Isis

I should probably have a marathon session and photograph all of my beadwork and create a gallery.  Maybe Friday.  I have to travel to Huntsville tomorrow for a meeting, and in typical fashion I am doing one of my Blitzkrieg trips, up at o-dark-thirty to make a 7:15 am flight, go to my meeting, and then home again the same day.  My return flight lands at 11:35, so I should make it home around 1am.  What fun.  But then a short day at work on Friday - just there long enough to do my time card and attend another meeting.

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