Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Presents

Bruce's family has a really nice Christmas tradition.  We don't do a lot of presents, there aren't that many of us that gather together, his Mom, his son and daughter, one of his brother's and his brother's wife, me, of course, and this time his son's fiancee.  We all sit in chairs in a circle and the kids distribute the presents to the appropriate person, and then we go around the circle taking turns opening presents.  Before opening the present we announce who it is from, and after opening the present it gets passed around the circle.  It slows things down considerably, but I find it very nice.  The ornament in the picture was made for me by Bruce's daughter Amy.  She is very creative and made several presents this year, including this cute catnip gingerbread man for my cat Jasmine.
I hung the ornament up in my studio, in the archway entrance.  Over the years I have received a few Godiva heart shaped boxes for Valentine's Day.  They were just sitting on a shelf.  I didn't want to throw them away and I hated that they were just sitting on a shelf, so I decided to attach them to the walls.  I used the cool 3M fasteners, so I can take them down if I ever need to.  And yes, that is the ship Serenity from the series Firefly as my computer wallpaper.

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