Sunday, April 21, 2013

Berry Bloom - Both Blocks Done

After I finished the first block this morning, I whipped the second block out this afternoon.  Both blocks came out a little small, so I'll have to add some rows before assembly, but there is plenty of time before I have to worry about that.

When I did this block I shifted the beginning of the rounds.  Most of the rounds start in the corner with a triple crochet and 2 double crochets, and end with the other two double crochets of the corner motif, but I felt that this made for an awkward join on the first block so I did the entire corner motif at the start of the round.  This meant that I had to slip stitch to the triple crochet on several rows, but I think the joins come out cleaner.

Pattern:  Berry Bloom by Donna Kay Lacey, April 2013 Unique Sheep Crochet Block of the Month
Yarn: Unique Sheep Tinsel Toes in Beech and Sugar Maple
Hook:  2.75 mm

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