Saturday, January 28, 2012

Knitterati Mystery 1 - Clue 2

The second clue of the Knitterati Mystery 1 came out this past Wednesday and it included a riddle, the solution of which is the location of Harper, the hapless non-knitter abducted by the secret knitting society.  There was a link to a Google form to submit your answer.  I love what Janel is doing with the club this year, it is just so much fun.  I also finally received my club yarn, after it spent a week (yes, a week) in the USPS sorting facility in Eugene, Oregon.  Once it finally left Eugene it made it here in just a few days.  I will probably cast my socks on tomorrow.  Today I am planning on working on my second Christmas Shawlette in the Dickens colorway.  I want to finish it before I cast on the first pattern in Romi's 2012 Pins & Lace club.  That yarn arrived this past week as well, and the yarn and the pattern are just gorgeous.

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