Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tie-Neck Top - Finished!

I have decided that I need to finish up some of the unfinished projects languishing around the house and this is the first one that I got to, probably because it was sitting in a bag just a few feet from where I usually sit to knit.  Finish or frog is my current mantra.  I do this periodically, especially when the clutter starts to get out of hand or I start to feel overwhelmed by the number of works in progress I have.  I did not end up picking up stitches for the sleeve shaping as I mentioned I was going to try in the previous post.  I had forgotten that this only works if you pick up all of the stitches at once and then do short rows, and I just didn't feel like doing that here.  It wasn't that big of a seam to sew up.  I did sew the seam from the end of the sleeve inward though, so I could use the same yarn to knit the garter stitch edging.  I do find it a little curious that the picture in the magazine does not show the garter stitch edging on the sleeves, of course it wouldn't be the first time that I have found mistakes in the sample garment photographed for the pattern.

I forgot to post this picture last time.  This is the view that greeted me this past Thursday, after that cold front blew through - a light dusting of snow.

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