Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lorna Suzanne Cardigan - It's a sleeve!

A good friend of mine who has recently started knitting wanted to try knitting a sweater and asked for a little help from me, so I suggested that we find a pattern that we both like and do a knit along.  The sweater we picked is Lorna Suzanne by Ellen Mason.  I picked a yarn from my stash that I bought some time ago back in 2009 as a sweater pack - Zen Yarn Garden Serenity Superwash Worsted in Midnight Plum.  I knit my gauge swatch and cast on a sleeve.  I always like to start with the sleeves because they give me a chance to check my gauge on a larger piece and to see if I really like the way the yarn is working up.  The sleeve is supposed to be three-quarter length, but when I had knit that far I tried it on and decided that it would look better full length, so I kept on knitting, and increasing until I pretty much used up the ball and the sleeve had conveniently reached an appropriate length.

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