Thursday, January 19, 2012

Draped Vest

As much as I am a fiber-holic, one thing I do try to do is buy yarn for projects, rather than just buying yarn for the sake of buying yarn.  This is a rule that lately has been more honored in the breach, but it is still a rule that I try to be mindful of.  This purchase was off the web site, a great place for getting bargains.  The yarn is Vienna by Naturally, a 10 ply (so they say) that is 63% wool, 33% acrylic.  I don't usually go for acrylics (not since my early days of knitting), but I liked the pattern and I wanted to try something a little different, hence the Charcoal.  I tend to go for colors - not much of a neutrals girl.  After finishing up the shawl I wanted a simpler knit, but something a little different, so here we are.

I am knitting this one pretty much according to the instructions, no rewriting to avoid seaming.  The only thing I am doing is keeping the selvedge stitch in pure knit, no purls, just to make the seaming a little easier.  I do wonder about the pattern instructions though (they were free with the yarn purchase).  There is no schematic and the instructions do seem to be a little brief.  This is the back, and I have started on the left front.

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