Saturday, October 1, 2011

Teaberry Shawl

Well, the nameless shawl has a name and is finished.  I named it Teaberry because the color of the yarn reminded me of the color of the Teaberry gum label, and I really liked Teaberry gum.  I used 110 grams of my 116 gram skein, leaving just 23.5 yards left.  While I was working on the third section of the lace pattern I contemplated doing three repeats of the motif, which I could have done, if I left off the last couple of rows, which don't have any lace, but I wasn't sure how the shawl would look.  Would it have a nice edge?  Or would it just look unfinished?  I had a spreadsheet that I was using to keep track of my yarn usage and how many stitches I had knit.  Yes, I actually calculated how many stitches I should be able to get out of my 450 yards.  In the end I just got tired of knitting the lace pattern after that first repeat in the third section, and decided to finish with a knit on border.  I decided to use the border from the Diadem Shawl by Ruth Greenwald.  Conveniently the number of rows in the border pattern fit perfectly into the number of stitches that I had after finishing the body pattern.

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