Saturday, August 3, 2013

Fred Update - Making himself at home

We've been leaving the door to Fred's room open but he has not been venturing out on his own very much, until this weekend.  Our cat Jasmine has been partly responsible.  She has been keeping an eye on Fred, and he has been intimidated by her, even though they have not gotten into any fights.  In fact she doesn't even hiss at him any more and they have even exchanged meows.  I am amazed at her tolerant behavior.  Yesterday Fred ventured downstairs on his own and I set up a spot for him on the daybed with my old polar fleece.  His fur is growing back, but he still gets cold.  He spent most of yesterday curled up there, but I had to take him back to his room yesterday afternoon because I caught him peeing downstairs on the hardwood floor.  I chastised him for his behavior and he took it to heart and stayed in his room for a while, but in the evening he had rejoined us.  I fell asleep on the daybed (as I frequently do) and Bruce was busy puzzling and watching TV when we were roused by a loud yowling.  Fred has a set of lungs on him.  We went looking for him and found him sitting at the top of the stairs looking very pleased with himself.  He had gotten up and gone upstairs and peed in his litter box and he wanted to make sure we knew that he had done the proper thing.  Smart cat.  This morning when I got up he was not in his bed in his room.  I found him sleeping in his spot on the daybed.  It looks like he is starting to make himself at home.

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