Saturday, September 1, 2012

Spirit of Guernsey - Clue 3 Done

I set this aside a couple of weeks ago, distracted by other projects and rebelling a little against my over commitment to knit alongs, but the pictures of the finished shawls inspired me to pick it back up again this past week.  I started happily knitting away on the second repeat of the chart, only to realize as I neared the end of the chart that I had not quite finished the first repeat.  I was missing the last two rows.  Fortunately this doesn't really make a huge difference in the pattern, so I did not feel a need (or a desire) to rip back.  But now I was faced with the fact that I would be four rows short on this section.  I pondered that for a little bit, looking at the proportions of the finished shawls and decided that I would add a third repeat.  I used all of my first skein, which I had intended to do anyway because I really hate having left overs, and switched to the second skein on row 7 of the third repeat.  I did not do any transition rows.

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