Saturday, September 22, 2012

Draped Vest - Left Front Done

In keeping with my determination to finish some of my older works in progress, I picked this one back up.  I have been working on it here and there, when I was taking a break from other things, but today I finished up the left front.  This one hasn't been languishing quite as long as the last two.  I started it this year, on January 11.  The pattern is Naturally Vienna Draped Vest - and is from the Naturally Leaflet FC 56.  I received the pattern for free when I bought the yarn from  You can great discounts on yarn there and I subscribe to their mailings.  The yarn is Naturally Vienna, 67% wool, 33% acrylic, Aran weight.  I don't usually knit with the heavier weight yarns, mostly because I don't like working with larger needles.  Size 8 (5 mm) is about the limit for me from a comfort perspective, much bigger than that and they just feel awkward.  The curious thing about this yarn is the variability of the skeins, even in the same dyelot.  The yarn is plied, black, gray and white, and depending upon the dominant color you end up with some very different results.  I know that I could have alternated skeins, but then I would have just had stripes instead of blocks.  I prefer to just let the yarn do what it wants to.

Pattern:  Naturally Vienna Draped Vest
Yarn:  Naturally Vienna
Needle:  US 7 (4.5 mm)

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