Saturday, September 8, 2012

Rose Bud Shawl - Border started

Talk about perfect timing.  Right after I posted the last entry I received an email from Kelly of The Unique Sheep telling me that my dark green Luxe had shipped.  I received it yesterday and immediately wound the yarn and started on the border.  I had been thinking about what I wanted to do for the border all week and yesterday I wore my Damask Rose shawl to work (I had several meetings and the conference rooms are almost always cold).  While I was sitting in one of my meetings I was playing with the shawl and pondering the border and I decided to do a variant.  I am only using the outer section of the border pattern.  I thought about using the entire thing, but figured that the proportions wouldn't look right on this smaller shawl.  I did a row of the green before I started the border and had to increase 5 stitches to get the right number - 496, plus 6 edge stitches.  The picture above shows 2 repeats of the border, but doesn't quite do the green justice.  The picture below shows the border of the Damask Rose shawl for reference.

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