Sunday, July 15, 2012

Tea Rose Shawlette - Charts A & B

Yesterday I was on the second to last wrong side row on Chart D when I came up a stitch short at the center spine.  I checked my work and could not find my mistake.  I have found this shawl a bit of a frustrating knit because of the lace stitching on the wrong side rows.  I wasn't happy with the way my yarn overs were turning out and I didn't like the switching between knit and purl stitches with yarn overs on the wrong side rows.  I just felt like I was fighting with the knitting and that is not a good place to be.  So, I took a deep breath and frogged back to the beginning of Chart B.  I picked up my stitches, adjusted my method of doing the yarn overs on the wrong side and tried Chart B again.  But I still felt that I was fighting with the knitting, especially when I was doing the ssk stitch on the right side rows.  After a couple of rows I frogged the entire thing, re-wound my cake and put the project in a time out while I finished the first sleeve of my Raspberry Mocha Pullover and started the second.

Last night I pulled out the pattern again and pondered it, then I fired up my Knit Visualizer charting program and tackled charts B and D.  For Chart B I replaced the sl1 k2tog psso with sl1 p2tog psso.  It does change the look of the clue, as you can see from my photo of my original Chart B.  You lose the lattice effect, but you still have the rose buds, and I no longer felt like I was fighting with the knitting, the lace pattern flowed, the knitting was easy and that is how I like lace to be.

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