Sunday, July 22, 2012

Guernsey Mystery Shawl - Clue 2

I ended up knitting this clue twice.  It didn't help that I started knitting it Friday after spending 10 hours in a Critical Design Review for the program that I am working on.  I completely screwed up the first row of the chart and didn't realize it until I started on the third row and things were not lining up correctly.  So I put it aside and worked on the Knitterati Mystery Shawl instead.  On Saturday I picked this back up again, tinked back to fix my mistakes and was doing fine until I was almost done with the third repeat and I realized that I had missed a yarn over some rows back.  At first I tried to do some lace surgery to fix my mistake, but with the way that the pattern shifts the section that I had to unravel just kept getting bigger and bigger, so I decided to just rip back.  Of course, I don't use lifelines, but on circular shawls it is usually pretty easy to slip a needle into the increase row (the one with all of the yarn overs), then you just pull out the other needles and start frogging.  The beauty of this technique is that the start of the row is automatically revealed when you get to the increase row.  I had to shift the stitches around when I got there, but that was easy.

Crafts are how I decompress and unwind from the stresses of work, they are meditative and help me center myself again after all of the demands of the work week.  I am highly empathic and an introvert (although I play an extrovert at work) and really need the quiet time at home to recharge.  My husband is the same way so our weekends tend to be quiet retreats.  It does mean that we don't have much of a social life, but neither one of us really feels much like socializing on the weekends.

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