Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tea Rose Shawlette - Finished!

I spent most of Saturday knitting the edging and finished up the last couple of repeats Sunday morning. I will confess that I did not understand the directions for the knit on edging. The chart indicates that you start on a right side row, but when I tried to follow the directions it looked like I would be starting on a wrong side row. In the end I knit an extra right side row with yarn overs as established, but no patterning. I then turned the work so the wrong side was facing and cast on my 13 stitches. I knit that first row and k2togtbl with the first live stitch from the body. I then turned the work so that the right side was facing and started with row 1 of chart F.

I was also unable to figure out the directions for working the edging at the central spine. Thanks to my extra row I had extra yarn over stitches before and after the central spine stitch. On the 18th repeat of the edging chart I joined the last stitches of rows 2, 8 and 16 to those three stitches, and did not join any of the other even rows to the body.

When I got to the end I again had one extra stitch after finishing the 35th repeat of the edging. I did row 1 of the chart and then bound off all stitches, doing a k2togtbl on the last stitch of the edge to the last stitch of the body.

Blocking was a little bit of a challenge because of the edging.  I didn't want points, I wanted round flowers.
I used pins on this one, no blocking wires and used two pins on each of the flowers on the edging to open it up without distorting it.  That is the body of my Crimson Lake under the shawl in the first picture, waiting for sleeves.  After finishing this shawlette I went back to work on the first sleeve and will probably try to finish up both sleeves and and get the pullover completed before I cast on another lace project.

Pattern:  Tea Rose Shawlette by Julia Temiseva
Yarn:  The Unique Sheep Luxe in Tea Rose
Needle:  US 5 (3.75 mm)

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