Saturday, June 15, 2013

Crushed Tart - Done!

I finished up my first Camp Loopy project this morning.  Overall an easy and quick knit.  I used up almost all of my yarn (116 grams of my 118 gram skein), which always makes me happy because I hate having leftovers.  I learned a new increase technique that creates a beautifully shaped shawl 9knit, yarn over, knit in same stitch instead of just doing a yarn over0, which makes me happy because I now have another trick in my bag of design techniques.  Once it comes off the blocking wires I'll get a beauty shot and upload it to the Loopy Ewe web site.  I've already decided on my second Camp Loopy Project and ordered the yarn and it has already shipped.  My friend, Erin, and I are both going to do Catkin in Dream in Color Smooshy.  We both did Crushed as well.

Pattern:  Crushed by Rachel Henry, from the Lovelorn Collection
Yarn: dragonfly fibers djinni sock in Queen of Tarts
Needle:  US 7 (4.5 mm)


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  2. I finished Crushed today. I will still need to block it when I get home. Do I need wires to block lace or will pins work? Yours is lovely. I hope mine be blocks out a nice.

    (Had to repost this because of too many typos.)

    1. Thank you :-). You can use pins, wires just make it easier to get them symmetrical. I got my yarn for Camp Loopy Project 2 today - the colors are even better in real life.

  3. I'll be back to work on Thursday. Maybe I can bring mine in (if it as arrived) to compare.