Sunday, October 28, 2012

Twills in Silk

I decided to warp my small loom today.  This is Margaret, my 24-harness table loom that I bought from Woolhouse Tools.  The warp is only 2.5 yards long so I was a bit lazy in my winding.  I did each color section separately, then grabbed the cross in my left hand and draped the warp around my neck, no ties.  Then I sleyed that section of the warp and threaded the heddles.  I threaded the heddles in bouts and flipped the rest of the warp (when there was more than one bout) back over the top of the reed to keep it out of my way.  I also pre-positioned the heddles for that bout in the order that I needed to thread them, and marked the bouts on the threading diagram.

This project is a silk scarf, a kit that I bought from Yarn Barn in Kansas, which is where I purchased my floor loom.  I'll be warping my floor loom soon as well, and weaving some twill scarves out of Rayon.  I feel a need to weave, knitting and crochet just aren't calling to me right now.  The only other craft that is calling to me is beading, but I am waiting for some size 15 delicas for beading bezels. 

And here is the warp, all ready for beaming, but I will wait and do that tomorrow.  This is my process loom, the loom that I take my time with.
Project:  Twills in Silk
Sett:  15 ends per inch
Materials:  1 - 3.5 ounce skein Gemstone 2/12 silk in #103 red, 1 mini-cone Gemstone 2/12 silk each #116 rose, #105 Copenhagen, #106 gold

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