Sunday, October 7, 2012

Japanese Maple - Finished!

This week has been another crazy one from a work perspective, but I did manage to finish up my pullover this morning (even though I did go into work for a little while).  It fits pretty well, too, coming down exactly to the top of my hip bones, which is where I wanted it.  And the sleeves come down just past my elbows.  I did a little garter stitch edging to keep the curling under control (two purl rows, two knit rows, two purl rows) and a little body shaping, to give it a nicer silhouette.  I did have to switch to a US 8 (5 mm) needle for the sleeves, I knit tighter when knitting in the round on 12 inch circulars

I also spotted another wolf spider in the house on Thursday night.  I haven't seen him again.  He was moving fast and ran behind furniture before I could capture him.  I am steeling myself for the possibility of being crawled on by him at some future date.  I am hoping that if I mentally prepare myself for the event it will either: a) not happen, because I have prepared for it, or b) I will not freak out when it does happen.

Pattern:  my own
Yarn:  Zen Yarn Garden Serenity Worsted, in Japanese Red Maple, 800 yards
Needles:  US 7 (4.5 mm), US 8 (5 mm)


  1. Lovely sweater! And the color is absolutely gorgeous. I hope you find your spider before it finds you. (shudder) I don't like them either.

    1. Thank you :-) Roxanne does gorgeous reds. The photo does not do the color justice. Still no sign of the spider.