Sunday, October 21, 2012

Shadow Weave Scarf - Done? Done!

Sometimes less is more.  I have been pondering finishing techniques and embellishments for this scarf all night and this morning I experimented with a couple of techniques and in the end I decided to do...nothing.  The more I played with the scarf the less I wanted to do anything to it.  Yeah, the edges aren't great, but they aren't too bad, and there are a couple of places where the warp threads didn't drop, or my beat wasn't consistent, but overall it is a lovely piece and I am going to leave it just as it is and where it with pride.  Here is a shot of the obverse side of the weaving.
I will probably do another one, and add in all of the finishing details that were not included in this one, but I will do it in another fiber.  The JaggerSpun Zephyr is a bit clingy, and not as soft against the skin as I like.

Pattern:  Me and My Shadows - shadow-weave scarf by June Rogovin from Handwoven May/June 2004
Yarn:  JaggerSpun Zephyr 18/2 wool/silk in plum and lilax
Reed:  12 dent
Warp:  24 epi
Weft:  24 ppi


  1. Carolyn-I love the pattern of this scarf. It is beautiful. I know you don't do commissions (nor could I probably afford you!) but let me know if you add any of these to your shop. Especially if you dabble with blue/green.

    1. It is a wonderful pattern isn't it? And I do plan on making more. I am going to try a Tencel yarn next time. If it comes out okay I'll bring in the color cards for you to look at.

    2. Oooo--anything I've every owned with Tencel always felt wonderful. BTW--any chance of having a mini-gathering sometime soon if Ashley is available, maybe around Veteran's Day? I don't see nearly enough of you guys lately.

    3. Yeah. We should try to get together.