Saturday, October 20, 2012

Shadow-Weave Scarf

I finished up the weaving this morning.  I was happily weaving along when suddenly I couldn't advance the warp anymore, I had reached the limits of the ties between the warp beam and the rod.  When I had first assembled the loom I had put pretty short ties between the two.  I will definitely change them out for Texsolv and increase the length.  I had more warp wastage than I should have.  I am really pleased with how it came out.  My beating was pretty even, especially after I figured out that I needed a rug under the loom.  The peg legs of the stand on the hardwood floor was allowing the loom to move every time I beat.

When I opened my project notebook to put in the weaving completion date I burst out laughing.  I started this project on my birthday in 2007.  All I have left now is the finishing.  The selvedges are not that pretty.  The original pattern was for a lined pocket scarf, so there was no floating warp thread.  I am trying to decide if I just want to hem all the edges, bind them with ribbon, or line the shawl.  I don't think that I want to line the shawl, as I really love both sides of shadow weave structures.  So it will either be a hem or ribbon binding.  And beads.  I think I will embellish with beads and do beaded fringe.

I am amazed at how excited I am about finishing the weaving on this shawl, and how eager I am to start another project.  This is the same kind of exultation that I felt when I first started weaving 5 years ago, and it is nice to know that it hasn't diminished.  It has only been sleeping.

Pattern:  Me and My Shadows - shadow-weave scarf by June Rogovin from Handwoven May/June 2004
Yarn:  JaggerSpun Zephyr 18/2 wool/silk in plum and lilax
Reed:  12 dent
Warp:  24 epi
Weft:  24 ppi

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