Sunday, April 15, 2012

Titania's Trifle

My choice of color for Maria's shawl may have been partly inspired by this bracelet that I finished up last weekend.  This is another project from the October/November 2011 issue of Beadwork Magazine.  The project in the magazine is called Around the Block and is by Barbara Falkowitz.  The construction is simple right angle weave with some embellishment.

Materials:  (Beadcats stock #)
2-11-510-02:  size 11 seed beads, green transparent with olive green luster
2-11-532-22:  size 11 seed beads, celadon green luster
1-03-510-02:  3 mm cubes, green transparent with olive green luster
KO Thread
Small pearls

Once again you can see from the stock numbers how easy it was for me to match the color of the cubes with one of my size 11 beads, and to have the same glass finish (luster) for my beads.  The button is from my button stash.  I didn't have any green or gold buttons that would work, but this one had the right surface finish and design to complement the bracelet pattern and colors.  I thought about painting the button with nail polish to make it match, but then decided I didn't really need it to match.  I sized the bracelet so that it fits my slender wrist fairly closely (I hate floppy things on my wrists), the finished length is 6 inches.  It is wonderful to wear, beads feel great against the skin, very sensual.  The bracelet reminds me of something that a Faery Queen might wear, hence the name.

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  1. Your beaded bracelet looks so intricate and fabulous! Very nicely done!