Sunday, April 22, 2012

Forever Shawl - Finished!

I finally finished this shawl.  This was the February offering of the Light and Dark Lace club that Roxanne and Ruth run, and it has spent a fair bit of time languishing while I worked on other things.  I did add beads, although you can't see them in this picture.  I added them to the odd lozenges in the last section and the yarn over spines of the edging.  The yarn is Pelusa Lace, from Zen Yarn Garden, in Scarlet Letter.  This is the first time that I have knit with this yarn.  It is a slightly heavier lace weight and looks like a single ply.  The yarn is kind of squiggly so I found it a bit harder to read my lace.  I may actually try weaving with this yarn.

I had one of my random allergy attacks today.  I'm not sure as to their exact cause, but I think they are hormonally related as I never had one until the chemo (for the breast cancer) kicked me in to menopause.  Periodically I have a sneezing fit (and I do mean a sneezing fit, non-stop sneezing, have you ever tried to knit lace with beads when you can't stop sneezing?) and then get completely congested.  Drugs are only marginally effective.  It makes for a rather a miserable day.  If I still feel this way tomorrow I'll stay home from work and spend the day knitting and watching movies on TCM.

I found another wolf spider in the living room!  I picked something up off the floor and there he (not sure if it is a he or a she, I don't know how to sex wolf spiders) was.  I caught him and released him into the garage.  Well, it is raining outside and I just didn't feel right throwing him out into the weather.  My cat Jasmine, on the other hand, really wants to go outside.  I keep letting her out onto the deck, and she keeps going out, coming right back in, then turning around and asking to go out again.  Silly kitty.


  1. Beautiful shawl, Carolyn! And your cat is looking for the door into not-raining. (BTW, have you read the old Heinlein novel called "The Door Into Summer"? It's a bit dated -- well, OK, quite dated -- but the overall premise is still fun.)

  2. Thanks :-). And yes, I have read that novel, long, long ago. Bruce and I both grew up reading Heinlein.

  3. Hope you feel better. Jasmine is not asking to go out. She is telling you to make the rain stop.

    1. Yes, I am feeling better, thank you. I think Jasmine wants both :-)