Saturday, June 4, 2016

Deep Blue - Cast On

I skipped Camp Loopy the last two years, but decided to join this year.  This year there is a a pirate theme.  For the first project I am in the Lace Lagoon with Siren Song by Louise Zass-Bangham.  I picked a yarn I have not used before - JulieSpins MCN 430 in Fathom.  The cast on was 362 stitches and utilized the crochet cast on, which I'm not sure if I've ever done before, but I like it.  If you use waste yarn it can be a provisional cast on and is easier than making the crochet chain and then picking up stitches in the bumps.  If you crochet the chain around the knitting needle the bumps end up as stitches on the needle.  If you're not using it as a provisional cast on, you place the loop that is on your crochet hook on the needle as the last stitch.  I'm guessing that if you want to use it as a provisional cast on you would just secure that loop, maybe with a locking stitch marker, and then unravel from there later.  I'll have to try it sometime.

Pattern:  Siren Song by Louise Zass-Bangham
Yarn:  JulieSpins MCN 430 in Fathom
Needle:  US 5 (3.75 mm)

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