Saturday, August 15, 2015

Peter Pan - Chart 1 Done

I blocked my test knit this morning, and then finished up my Andromeda Cape, but I can't block it until my test knit dries, so I picked Peter Pan back up.  I had knit the swatch back in January of 2014, and then hadn't done anything else.  This shawl has an interesting construction.  The center motif is knit in the round, and then it is knit from 2 sides out, and then a knit on border is added to the long edges.  I'm not a big fan of knitting shawls in the round - the start is always so annoying.  I have figured out a good method though.  I used two 24 inch circular needles and did Eunny Jang's circular cast on using this video.  I work one row after the cast on, then split the stitches between the two circular needles and started working the first chart.  Here is a picture about half way through the first chart.
The needles are a bit floppy until you get some stitches on them, but it doesn't take long for things to stabilize and it is a lot easier than juggling double pointed needles - at least you don't have to worry about these slipping out of the stitches (been there, done that).  I did my usual spreadsheet of stitch counts to calculate where to switch skeins, but I still haven't decided if I will deviate from the pattern especially with regard to the knit on border.  I want to get a sense of my yarn usage, and I need to wind the rest of my skeins so I know how much yarn I have to work with.

Pattern:  Peter Pan by Janine le Cras
Yarn:  The Unique Sheep Luxe in Tinkerbell
Needle:  US 6 (4 mm)

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