Saturday, July 11, 2015

Odds and Ends

I spent last weekend working on converting Solar Flare into a cape.  To handle the 12 stitch marker shift I ended up adding stitches at the beginning until I had the 12 extra stitches so I could do the shift and then decreasing at the end until they were all gone.  I also ended up recharting the entire shawl because the symbols in the original were non-standard and hard to follow.  I did the increases and decreases every 4 rows, to make it more gradual and less noticeable.  Now I just need my yarn so I can knit it.  The Raveler who contact me has already cast on her shawl.  It turns out that she learned how to do bead loom work from a video that my sister Virginia made.  It's a small world.
I spent the week working on my latest test knit, so no pictures.  I would have made more progress on it if I didn't keep making mistakes.  I was tinking back to fix one mistake when I discovered I had made the same mistake a lot earlier.  I ended up getting some skinny double point needles and putting them into the knitting just past the mistake and ripping back.  It worked quite well and I didn't drop any stitches.  It took me several evenings of knitting, and a fair bit of today to get back to where I was when I discovered my mistake.  I'm almost done with that section, which will be a bit of a relief.  I love the look, but it is a bit tedious.

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