Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Andromeda Cape - First Border Done

Slightly mysterious, emerging from the shadows, a little out of focus, but the colors are better than most of the other photos I've taken.  I finished up the first border earlier this evening and snapped a quick picture before picking up the stitches for the second border.  I used up all of skein 2 on the first border, and a little bit of skein 1.  I would have had enough for the border if I hadn't switched to skein 2 one row early.  It was a stupid mistake on my part, but I didn't feel like back tracking and fixing it.  The instructions said "end on a knit row", which is what I did.  Forgetting that in the original pattern a "knit row" equated with a purl row in my modified version.  Oh well.  The last repeat of the first border is worked with skein 1.  Not bad, and I doubt that anyone will even notice it, and who cares if they do.  The shawl is asymmetric on purpose.

I also screwed up the stitch count in my spreadsheet that I use for determining transitions because of an error in the pattern that I didn't catch until I was knitting that section.  The pattern says to repeat the first border chart 80 times, but in fact you repeat it 160 times - there are 6 rows in that chart, but you're only taking care of 3 stitches of the body with each repeat.  I doubled the rows of the original first border chart (12 rows as opposed to 6), so my border chart gets repeated 80 times.  In the end it didn't really matter because it wouldn't have changed when I did my transitions between skeins.

Pattern:  Andromeda Shawl by Janine le Cras (converted into a cape)
Yarn:  The Unique Sheep Verve in Magic Mirror
Needle:  US 5 (3.75 mm)

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