Saturday, May 2, 2015

Andromeda Cape

A month or so ago I pre-ordered a kit from Earthfaire for the Andromeda Shawl, a pattern by Janine le Cras, one of my favorite designers.  I picked Magic Mirror on Verve for my shawl.  I've had a bit of a migraine the last two days so I decided to take a break from Galadriel's Mirror and work on something a little simpler.
I'm starting with the lightest skein, skein 6, and working to the darkest.  The original pattern is a circular shawl, but of course I had to convert it to a cape.  I've been wanting to try converting a spiral circular shawl into a cape for a while and this one seemed a perfect pattern it to try it - not overly complex so pretty straight forward to convert.  As you can see from the top photo the main body of the shawl has a very simple lace pattern.  To convert it to a cape I simple decided which row I wanted to start on to get the right size neck opening, cast on the number of stitches for the previous row, plus 6 edge stitches, worked 4 rows of garter stitch and then started working the pattern.  I started on row 15 of the pattern and cast on 62 stitches.  The pattern reminds me of the bias-cut gored skirts that were popular at one time (I have several sewing patterns for those kinds of skirts in my stash).  It will be interesting to see how the spiral affects the way the shawl hangs.  Due to the spiral the front edge will not be vertical when it is worn.

Pattern:  Andromeda Shawl by Janine le Cras (converted into a cape)
Yarn:  The Unique Sheep Verve in Magic Mirror
Needle:  US 5 (3.75 mm)

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