Saturday, May 9, 2015

Butterick B4861 - Roses I

I have a number of plastic file boxes full of fabric in my studio.  About a month ago I went through the boxes in one stack and did some sorting and pulled together two boxes of fabric that I wanted to work with in the near term.  Last weekend I went back to those two boxes and pulled out 5 different cuts of rose print fabric.
The fabric stash.
The two boxes I am currently working through.

I washed all 5 cuts and picked out one to start with.  I still have the Art Nouveau fabric in the queue, but just haven't wanted to mess with all the careful matching of the motifs.  It is so much easier to just lay out the folded fabric, plop the pattern down and cut away.  I did most of the sewing last weekend and this morning I did the waist band and the finish work.  The cotton fabric for this particular rose print is very light weight so I went with the pleated version.  I picked another Czech pressed glass button from my stash for the button.

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