Sunday, March 8, 2015

Hot Cocoa Cassatt - Body Done, Almost

I still need to work the collar.  When I started out I figured I would work the collar after I had finished up the raglan shaping and before I started working the body.  But when I got to that point I decided to keep working the body at least until I had used up the skein that I was working with (I am not crazy about having multiple yarn balls attached to a project - they just get in the way).  Then I decided that I would do a contrast color for all of the ribbing so I ordered some more DK yarn, a different brand but with a similar yardage and content.  While I was waiting for that yarn to come I joined the second skein and kept knitting on the body.  I had worked about 3/4 of that second skein and the body was about to my waist when the yarn came.  I tried it on and decided that I wanted to keep the cropped length of the original pattern so I went ahead and worked the ribbing in the original color finishing it off with the Tubular cast off as directed by the pattern.  I do love the way that cast off looks.  I didn't do any shaping on the body as I wanted a bit more ease.  I started working on the right sleeve last night.  I am not planning on doing any shaping until I get down to the elbow (my upper arms are a bit muscular and I almost always have problems with clothes being too tight there).

Here is a close up of my lovely glass buttons.

Pattern:  Cassatt (part of the Sweet Paprika Sweater Club) by Elizabeth Sullivan
Yarn:  Sweet Paprika Minuet in Hot Cocoa
Needle:  US 5 (3.75 mm)

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