Saturday, February 7, 2015

Primula Adiri - Collar Done

I finished up the collar last Sunday and started on the first sleeve.  As I was converting the sleeve instructions to knit them from the top down I noticed a couple of things.  I saw from the schematic that the sleeve would be too short for my long arms, only 13 inches, where I need 16 inches.  Some quick math yielded the total number of rows that I would need once I started knitting in the round (108 rows).  Then I looked at the increases that the pattern called for and figured out my decreases.  As I was looking at the increases I noticed that they were spaced less than an inch apart for the pattern size that I was working.  I like to start the first decrease about 2 inches from the underarm and work them about every inch.  I ended up working the first decrease on row 17 and am working them every 8 rows and will work 10 decreases total.

I picked up a total of 68 stitches around the armhole.  This is actually 8 stitches more than the pattern size I am knitting calls for, but I like my sleeves a little roomier. As I started working the back and forth section the first part ended up being 22 stitches, which was just enough to work the lace pattern and the 3 stitches to either side.  As I worked from side to side I started working the pattern as soon as I could.  The color in this picture is not great from a color perspective, but it shows the top of the sleeve.

Pattern:  Adiri by Julia Trice
Yarn:  Shalimar Yarns Haven in Primula
Needles:  US 6 (4.0 mm)

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