Sunday, February 1, 2015

Primula Adiri - Body Done!

I finished up the body this afternoon.  I'll do the collar next, but I knew that if I waited until I had finished the collar it would be too dark to get a good photo.  This pattern is really well written and nicely detailed.  I usually mark up my patterns a lot, writing in details, especially on the shaping, but this one already has most of the kinds of details that I add.  The only thing I found a little strange was the bind off for the underarms, it wasn't centered on the side markers.  After some thought I decided to start the bind off on the side marker (center of the round) and then do the bind off on the round marker.  Because of the pattern, the bind offs are not centered on the markers, but start 9 stitches in front of the marker and extend 2 stitches past.  I did the bind off on a non-pattern (WS) row, and this way I was able to continue with a right side row as I started working the back.  I kept the foliage lace pattern going for as long as I could once I started the neck shaping.  Even unblocked the sweater fits me quite well.

Pattern:  Adiri by Julia Trice
Yarn:  Shalimar Yarns Haven in Primula
Needles:  US 6 (4.0 mm)

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