Saturday, August 16, 2014

Periwinkle Shrug - Look, it is starting to look like a sleeve

I had to go to court this past Wednesday.  I had been subpoenaed as a witness for the Commonwealth, or a witness for the prosecution, as I prefer, being the title of an excellent film.  It was the preliminary hearing for the guy that stole my wallet and my Swiss army knife.  I grabbed the knitting bag that had this project in it as I headed out, not sure how much time I would have to spend there and not sure what I would be allowed to bring in to the Courthouse.  I had to leave my Kindle in the car, along with my cell phone (no electronics allowed) and my Leatherman (no knives or weapons of any kind).  I knit for a most of the two hours I was sitting in the courtroom, toward the end of the morning the police officer that was stationed at the exit of the courtroom switched out and the new guy told me to put my knitting away.  Thankfully my case was next.  The guy waived his right to the preliminary hearing, so I didn't get the chance to testify.  So now it goes to the Grand Jury in October, unless they work a plea, which it sounds like they are going to do.  The charge was only petty larceny, but he had two or more prior convictions, which bumps it up to a felony.

Of course he was there, with a woman, not sure what the relationship was.  I recognized him and he recognized me but we didn't speak.  He didn't seem to think that any of this was a big deal, nor did the woman with him, which I will confess bothered me.  I really don't think that he thinks that he did anything wrong when he stole from me, and I'm not sure what you do with people like that.  I also got my money back this week, well most of it, anyway.  The evidence envelope had $61.54 and I was told that he took $65 from my wallet, plus a couple of bucks in change, including a 1965 quarter.  I got back $60 in bills, and $1.54 in change including 4 quarters, none of which were from 1965.  Makes you wonder some.  I was tempted to go to the bank and exchange it for money that he hadn't handled, but I didn't.  I did mention the Swiss army knife to the prosecuting attorney and she said I could get restitution for it.  I put the value at $40, which was about the retail value of the knife I bought to replace it.

But back to knitting.  I like the way this shrug is knitting up.  The fabric has a nice feel to it, and I love the feel of the Ultra Pima Cotton, and the sheen.  I am almost done with my test knit.  I've proofed the written pattern against the charts and have an annotated file to give back to the designer with all my corrections as well as my notes on yarn usage, and when to switch skeins and how many nupps there are.  Now I just have to finish up the knitting.  I'm on the fifth of seven clues, so it won't be too long.  I still won't be able to post anything about it until the MKAL starts, but I will be able to post the shawl that I'll make out of the leftovers.  I've done this before using a simple crescent shaped shawl pattern that is all stockinette stitch so it really just show cases the colors of the yarn and then adding a knit on lace border.  The yarn colors really are gorgeous.

Pattern:  Quicksilver Lace Shrug by Kristiina V.
Yarn:  Classic Elite Ultra Pima in Periwinkle
Needle: US 2.5 (3.0 mm)

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