Monday, August 25, 2014


This past Sunday I took a little break from knitting and did some pearl necklaces.  I had picked up another strand of natural multi-colored pearls and gave the previous strand that I had turned into a necklace to my step daughter.  She is going to be interviewing for her Residency and I figured that she needed a strand of pearls.  As I told her, if you're wearing pearls, you can do anything.  I find cashmere and pearls or silk and pearls particularly powerful combinations.

When I bought the multi-colored strand I also picked up a white strand.

Once I had these turned into necklaces I tackled four strands that I have had in my stash for a little while now.  I knew that I wanted to use them together but I was really struggling with a design.  In the end I went for simple.
First I did some stringing of the pearls onto Soft Flex.  For all of these necklaces I used the 24k Gold Extreme flex Metallic Flex Wire, Fine (.014 inch diameter).  I separate the pearls with size 14 beads, clear for the white and multi-colored strands and a transparent light purple for the purple strands.  Then I had to figure out lengths.  The bead board I have only lets me do 3 strands at a time.
First I did the 3 inner strands, and then I removed the inner most strand, shifted the others and placed the outer strand.  Eight crimps later I have a multi-strand necklace.

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