Saturday, February 23, 2013

Patriot Star - One Block Done!

This is the June 2011 Unique Sheep Crochet Block of the Month and was the oldest block in my unfinished pile. The oldest block now is from July 2011.  The yarn is Verve, a superwash Merino wool.  That is another advantage of this club, you get to work with different yarn bases that you might not otherwise work with.  I really like the color saturation of the Verve, and it is a firm yarn, with nice twist.  It should wear well.  Both blocks are done, but the other one is still blocking.

Pattern:  Patriot Star by Melinda Miller, June 2011 Unique Sheep Crochet Block of the Month
Yarn:  Verve in Red, White and Blue
Hook:  2.75 mm

But the really big news is that I bought a new computer.  You may recall that my Dell Mini died around the beginning of the year and I was using my Fujitsu Stylistic (a tablet PC) to do my blogging on, and while the handwriting recognition rocks, it was a little tiresome blogging on that computer, mostly because of the random spaces that would get put in to the text.  You see, I am old school, learned to type properly, and always like two spaces after a period and one space between words, so I would always have to go back and check my spacing.  It was just an annoyance.  The random corrections that would sneak in were annoying too, and having worked as a proof reader I am really sensitive to those kinds of mistakes.  Last weekend Fujitsu was having a sale, so I picked up a Fujitsu Lifebook, which is convertible.  It can be a laptop, complete with keyboard (yeah!) or you can rotate the screen around and turn it in to a tablet.  And, they now have touch capability, so I can use either a stylus or my fingers for navigation and basic functionality.  This new computer will also replace my creaky Dell desktop, which I have only been using to do my accounting on.  It will be nice to have all of my stuff on a single computer again, although I will still use my Stylistic, it is a really great computer.

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