Monday, February 4, 2013

Circles and Squares

I have two laceweight shawls in my works in progress, both of them Unique Sheep Mystery KALs, this one and Spirit of Guernsey.  This one has been languishing since September of 2011 and Spirit has been languishing since September of 2012 and today I think I finally figured out why - their shapes.  This one is a large square shawl and Spirit is a circular shawl and I just don't wear those shapes, so it is hard for me to get motivated to put all that effort into finishing them.  But the yarn is beautiful and the pattern is beautiful and I really don't want to just frog them and forget them.  Once I realized what was holding me back it occurred to me that I could simply modify the patterns and turn them into shawls that I would wear.

I decided to start with this one for a couple of reasons - the modifications should be relatively straight forward and it has been languishing the longest.  For this one I will just leave out one triangle, this will result in a shawl that will still drape nicely and should stay put while showing off the design.

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