Saturday, February 9, 2013

Fare Thee Well - Both Blocks Done!

These are the June 2012 Unique Sheep Crochet Block of the Month - Fare Thee Well by Margaret MacInnis.  The yarn is Pashmi in Lemon and Lime.  I did add a couple of rounds to get them to block to 8 inches.  Now that I am using my gridded blocking board it is so easy to get them perfectly blocked.  I am not an extreme blocker - stretching yarn to within an inch of its life.  I stretch yarn sort of how you stretch a muscle - gently, but firmly, and don't ever try to make it do something it doesn't want to do.

Pattern: Fare Thee Well by Margaret MacInnis
Yarn: The Unique Sheep Pashmi
Hook: 2.75 mm


  1. Still look like pot holders to me. Fancy pot holders, but still pot holders separate by themselves.

    1. Well, yeah, I suppose they do at that, but one day they will be a beautiful bed cover.