Friday, February 24, 2012


This past Wednesday, when I should have been knitting and listening to my telecons, I was not knitting, but I was thinking about knitting.  In fact, I was thinking about knitting this top.  This is Fiesta Yarns La Luz, 100% mulberry silk.  Have you ever noticed how silk can sometimes feel crunchy and at the same time be so soft?  This is one of the Flower of the Month colorways that has been sitting in my stash for a while.  After trying on the body of African Violets I wanted to knit a short sleeved version of the top-down raglan so I pulled this yarn out.  The yarn band recommends size 6 (4 mm) needles, but I automatically go down 2 needle sizes with Fiesta Yarns, so I am knitting this on size 4 (3.25 mm).  My gauge is a little tighter than that on the yarn band, but I like the fabric, and I love the colors.  The pattern is from Sweater Wizard Software.  The plan is to knit just the body, probably without the ribbing at the waist, and then do some finishing around the hem, neck and arms.

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